Friday, October 23, 2009


This is Lila and my first post on my blog. I live in a small town (Belfast) on the coast of Maine. I have been accepted to go on exchange with AFS for the school year 2010 through 2011. I am very, very excited to experience a new culture and go on an adventure! Currently I am a sophomore in high school. I chose AFS because they seemed like a really great organization that was safe and well organized and with a mission that fit my personal opinion. I hope to learn all about a new culture and make friends and gain a new point of perspective from my exchange. I plan to support AFS as much as I can upon my return and I also hope to continue to travel and make connections around the world. Maybe I will even work with AFS someday! I know my family is going to miss me and my friends too, but they are all very supportive and very excited for me. Another friend of mine has applied to go to Italy through AFS at the same time as me, so we are working on all of the paperwork together. My first choice country is Belgium (the French part), but I have yet to be accepted by AFS-Belgium. My second choice country is France, then the Netherlands and I left my fourth choice open to suggestion. Once I know for certain where I'm going, I'll write something (and change the title if necessary). Keeping a blog is part of the requirements for the Global Leaders Merit Scholarship I received. Thank you very much to anyone who is helping to pay my tuition. I am preparing to make hand-printed t-shirts to sell as a fundraiser, they will be $15 each, please contact me if you want one! I am planning on hosting an international dinner, and possibly some car-washes, bake-sales and movies screenings (for donations only of course). I also have one job for the summer and am looking to get a second one. I will write in this blog at least once a month while I am on exchange, hopefully more. That's all for now! -Lila