Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sorry for the Wait

Well. It's been much, much too long since I wrote a post. In order to save time (and jog my own memory!) I'm going to make a little list of everything that I've done since Bruges and January (a whole 4 months!)

- "La Festival de Liège" - a month long performing arts festival that I went to with my class here. We saw 7 different shows in a month and the majority were excellent!
- Eurodisney in Paris with AFS! Lots and lots of fun, but one loooong day! However for all you Americans, this is a good example of the differences in distance. If you leave early enough (and come back late), you can go from Liège to Paris and back in a bus and still have a whole day in Paris. I also (sort of) got over my fear of Roller Coasters!
- The last weekend of January was the AFS mid-stay weekend. Which, despite lots of talk about feelings and stuff, was a lot of fun - and it reminded me how incredible it is that so many students from everywhere around the are so similar in so many ways.
- During the Carnival Vacation in March I went to Paris for 3 nights with some friends (one from New Hampshire, one from New Zealand, and one Belgian). We had an absolutely amazing time being tourists and just having fun together!
From La Belgique (blog)

From La Belgique (blog)

- In the beginning of April, I went to London with my school. We had a lot of fun and saw about a zillion things in just 3 days!
-The first week of Carnival Vacation I went on a biking trip for 3 nights with my scouting group, in preparation for our longer trip in Austria this summer! Again lots and lots of fun, and we got to see the beautiful Belgian country-side!
From La Belgique (blog)

-The second week of Carnival vacation, my family (Mum, Dad, Sister, Cousin) came to visit! It was amazing see them and showing them my life here. We visited Brussels, Bruge and then spent the rest of the week in Liège. It was a little hard saying goodbye, but if 10 months went by so quickly, 2 months will be nothing!
From La Belgique (blog)

-The first saturday of May, I passed the SATs at the International School in Brussels with friend (also on exchange in Belgium) from Maine. Such an out of body experience! It was exactly like an american school, complete with sports teams, clubs, guidance counselors and english speaking students!

-One wednesday during May I went to Brussels for AFS, we were on the radio and took a lot of pictures to use as ads. I'm now in an AFS ad!
From La Belgique (blog)

Last Thursday I went to Antwerp with some friends. Most of the Museums were closed because it was a holiday, but we had a lot of fun - it's a beautiful city!
From La Belgique (blog)

And then here we are. I've started exams, and I'll be doing exams for the next week and a half. After that I have a schedule filled to the top!
First thing to explain is that I'm staying a month longer than planned - I got my visa extended so I could do a trip with my scouting group. We're going to go biking in Austria for the last 2 weeks of July! And before that, my schedule is full of goodbyes, music festivals, vacation with my host family and lots of fun!