Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Happening!

As I get closer and closer to my departure the entire experience becomes more and more exciting (if that is possible!). I found out about my host family recently - making the experience much more personal and much more real. The family seems absolutely wonderful!
I also just received my country information packet. It answered a lot of questions, but also made the trip much more serious, and made me truly nervous for the first time. Which is okay, because there is plenty of reason for me to be nervous.
My friend (going to Italy through AFS) and another girl (going to the Netherlands through Rotary) and I all hosted and International Dinner together, cooking food from the countries we are going to. It was a great fundraiser! We hope to organize one more before we all leave, and definitely one after we return and have actually experienced the recipes first hand.
All in all, as I get closer to leaving pour la Belgique, I have become more excited and more nervous - faced with the reality of what I am doing. And I cannot wait!